William B. Richardson, Jr.

Attorney at Law
Growing up, Bill always admired his father’s genuine passion for helping others. As it turns out, he shared that same passion — which is why he went on to practice law himself. Like his father, Bill is an avid advocate for the underdog. He loves finding solutions for those who feel stuck in less-than-ideal situations, no matter which area of law it involves.

Robert D. Campbell

Attorney at Law
When Robert joined the firm in 1992, it was immediately clear that he was a good fit. After all, he holds the same client-centric values as the Richardson family. Although he is well-versed in many areas of the law, Robert particularly enjoys representing the criminally accused. Fortunately for his clients, he has a great working relationship with the Parkersburg police force.
Scales of justice and gavel

William B. Richardson, Sr.

Founding Attorney
Although William passed away in 2002, we continue to honor his memory here at Richardson, Richardson, & Campbell. It was William who got our firm on its feet in the first place. You see, during his time in the military, William saw how easily people can be abused — even by the very laws meant to protect them. He decided to become a lawyer in order to actively fight back against such injustices.