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To the people of Parkersburg, we’re a trusted resource for legal concerns ranging from personal injury claims to divorce proceedings to criminal charges.

Decades of Local Experience

William Richardson, Sr. established our firm more than 65 years ago. That makes our localized insight, experience, and resources pretty darn tough to beat.

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You Since 1951

The late William Richardson, Sr. established this firm with a clear mission: to protect others from legal abuse. Now, more than six decades later, Bill (William’s son) and Robert live and work with the same level of devotion to client care.

Our Approach

We share our legal knowledge so you can make informed decisions about your case.

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Your Goals

Chances are, we’ve handled dozens (maybe even hundreds) of cases similar to yours. Still, we recognize that your situation is unique to you, and it’s up to us to ensure that your legal plan reflects your unique needs and goals.

Educate You
on Your Options

Once we have a fuller understanding of your circumstances and perspective, we’ll take the time to teach you about the laws, legal proceedings, and options that pertain to your case. That way, you can make informed decisions.

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Legal Plan

Armed with localized legal knowledge, you can combine forces with us to develop the right plan of action for your matter. As the case proceeds, we can meet regularly to share updates and adjust the plan as needed.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Seek Medical

Your well-being is by far the most important thing to consider after a car wreck. Even if you feel okay, you could have an injury that will reveal itself later on. Go see a doctor to be sure.

Collect Evidence,
If Possible

If you’re in a position to take pictures of the scene, request a police report, or have a loved one take those steps, you should do so. Collecting evidence can help your case immensely.

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Local Attorney

Before you call the insurance company, schedule a free meeting with us. Not only can we protect you from getting low-balled, but we know exactly which steps to take to help you get a fair payout.

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Our mission: to help you overcome
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No matter the scenario that brings you to our door, know that we are on your side and ready to help. Maybe you’ve lost a loved one in an accident. Maybe you yourself have gotten hurt and are up against a big insurance company. Maybe it’s the divorce process that giving you trouble, or maybe you’re being prosecuted by the state of West Virginia after being charged with a crime.

To us, how you got here isn’t as important as what happens next. We understand that there’s always more to the story than meets the eye, and we’re ready to hear your side in an open, judgement-free environment. Our sole interest is helping you overcome the legal obstacles that are blocking your path forward.

Ready to Litigate or Mediate Your Case

To you, legal terms like “mediate” and “litigate” probably don’t mean a whole lot. Here’s what it all boils down to: we have the training, experience, and creative approach needed to handle your case in a flexible, cost-efficient manner.

If mediation (that is, unbiasedly helping you negotiate a deal with the other side) is right for you, that’s what we’ll do. If litigation (taking a more aggressive approach to get results) becomes necessary, then we’ll represent you all the way through the trial process if that’s what it takes. As West Virginia certified mediators and seasoned litigators, we are always ready to adjust our approach in order to do what’s best for you and your case.